Life of the author

Angel G. Piñero

Born in Cádiz (Andalusia), he studied music (solfège, guitar, harmony, counterpoint, fugue, chamber music, history of universal music, Spanish musicology, musical aesthetics, etc …) at the Barcelona Municipal Conservatory of Music , enlarging them after studying composition at the Munich Conservatory.

In a second stage of his studies, concerned about the dilemma of the cultivation of the two schools that exist to play the classical guitar, such as the pulsation with the nail, of sonority: metallic, brilliant and spectacular or the pulsation of the yolk of the fingers, of sound: intimate, sweet, deep and pure, study the guitar again but this time with the left hand to be played with the nails, while with the right it would play with the tips of the fingers. The technique of the fingertip and playing with the right hand, used for the repertoire of the Renaissance and the first period of the Baroque, while the technique of the fingernail and playing this time with the left hand, used for the repertoire of the second period of the Baroque, Neoclassical Romantic and Contemporary.

The guitar of the right hand has some grooves along the fingerboard in order to preserve the nails that are then used when playing with the left hand.
The guitar of the left hand is built by the luthier Ignacio Fleta (year 1969), to be played with the left hand, being the only guitar built by him, to be played as if he were left-handed.
Ángel G. Piñero causes the admiration of different audiences for his great faculty (unique in the history of music), to play this instrument with both hands.
This opens new horizons for the study of the instrument and is the only concertist in the history of the guitar that gets the two sonorities giving each of them the place that corresponds to the general repertoire of music.


Angel G. Piñero has given numerous concerts throughout his career, highlighting his participation in the “International Guitar Festival of Munich”, Room of the Tapestries of the Royal Alcazar of Seville, II Musical Cycle of San Mateo de Oviedo, I International Sound Biennial of Valladolid and its performances in the Palace of Music of Barcelona. Also, it is necessary to emphasize the great tours realized by Ángel G. Piñero by Spain, Europe and the United States where, besides its concerts, it has developed seminars on Baroque Music and cycles with the title of “History and Techniques of the Spanish Classical Guitar “

He is the author of the Classical Guitar Method “PIÑERO”, and of the Accompaniment Method “PIÑERO” of 4 books both, all translated into German and I into English and 8 concert works for solo guitar, one for guitar and trumpet and another for guitar and string quartet.

In discography, it has 2 CDs with works by authors of the Renaissance and first part of the Baroque played with the fingertips of the right hand and own works and authors of the Baroque, Neoclassical, Romantic and Contemporary played with the nails of the left hand .