General conditions

General conditions


The present Conditions, have as object to regulate the access and the regime of acquisition of the products facilitated by ANGEL G. PIÑERO (hereinafter ANGEL G. PIÑERO) to the User through its web page, constituting the legal framework that develops the contractual relationship . The products and contents will be those that are available to the User in the following website owned by ANGEL G. PIÑERO:

For any claim you can go to


Calle Espiritu Santo 13; 11500 El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz)

Tfno.- 607 710 443



These Conditions regulate the legal relationship derived from the contracting processes formalized by the Users through the web page of ANGEL G. PIÑERO The Users expressly accept the full and unreserved adhesion to these stipulations, in the version published by ANGEL G. PIÑERO at the moment in which the User contracts the product and / or contents in which he is interested. Therefore, the User undertakes to read carefully the contracting conditions, whenever it proceeds to the hiring of a product, given that they have been subject to modification since the last time he accessed.

By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the User declares:

to. That is a person with ability to hire.

b. You have read and accept these general conditions of contract.

The User will always have access, and in any case, prior to the start of the contracting process for products, to the contracting conditions, and may be stored and / or reproduced in a durable medium.


ANGEL G. PIÑERO may modify these stipulations whenever there is sufficient cause or reason for doing so. It is understood that there is sufficient cause or reason for the modification, with an enunciative and non-limiting character, when the purpose is:

to. Expand the range or number of products that are made available to users or improve existing ones.

b. Modify, replace or update the prices of the products offered through the website.


The prices and rates applicable to the contracting by the user of the services, will be those that appear on the web page owned by ANGEL G. PIÑERO:, at the moment in which the user accesses the specific service, and proceed to start the hiring process.

ANGEL G. PIÑERO reserves the right to modify the prices of the products published on the aforementioned website, when it deems convenient and making it visible on the website.

Prices and Taxes applied

The applicable prices are those that appear on the Web at the moment the customer places his order.

The price of the products that appear on the Web, includes the corresponding Value Added Tax (VAT) according to the product.

When the payment is made through PayPal will apply a surcharge in the final price of 3%.


a) Delivery area

ANGEL G. PIÑERO will make the delivery in the Peninsula within 48 to 72 hours from the confirmation of payment, sending the products purchased by express courier.

ANGEL G. PIÑERO guarantees the shipment in the terms and areas indicated above of all the products that we have in stock for all the orders that are received in our offices before 2:00 p.m., once the payment is authorized. Orders received on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be considered received on the first working day after the same.

If, due to a lack of stock due to causes beyond our control, due to an informational or logistical error, we can not meet your order request in whole or in part, we will contact you by phone or via email to confirm your order or cancellation of the same, if you so wish.

In any case, a delay in delivery with respect to the periods indicated does not entitle the client to demand compensation.

b) Shipping costs

For Peninsula

The shipping costs will be paid by ANGEL G. PIÑERO for all those orders for an amount greater than € 60.00 (SIXTY EUROS).

For all those orders that are for an amount less than that amount, the shipping costs will be borne by the customer, being the same of € 3.90 + VAT (THREE EUROS WITH NINETY MORE VAT).

Shipments will be made by the MRW courier agency.

For the Balearics

The shipping costs will be:

€ 6.95 VAT included for orders up to 5 Kg.,
€ 9.40 VAT included for orders up to 10 Kg,
For orders weighing more than 10 Kg, please contact us.
Shipments will be made by the SEUR courier agency.

For Portugal

For orders over € 75.00 the shipping costs will be € 3.00 + VAT
For orders less than € 75.00 the shipping costs will be € 6.00 + VAT
Shipments will be made by the SEUR courier agency.

For Europe

Shipments are made to the following countries in Europe: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden.

In all of them, except Romania and Sweden, the shipping price up to 5 kg is € 11.90. For shipments with a weight greater than 5kg consult.
For Romania, prices will be € 18.70 up to 1 Kg ,, € 19.80 up to 3 Kg, and € 25.30 up to 5 Kg, For shipments with a weight over 5kg consult.
For Sweden, prices will be € 12.10 up to 1 kg, € 14.30 up to 3 kg, € 18.15 up to 5 kg, € 20.90 up to 10 kg, € 22.00 up to 15 kg, € 23.10 € up to 20 Kg, € 38.50 up to 31 Kg. More weight, consult.
Prices VAT included.

Shipments will be made by the SEUR courier agency.

c) Shipping with collection at SEUR Collection Point

This modality is that your order will be delivered to an SEUR official collection point of your choice, so that it is easier for you to receive it if you are not at home or at the delivery point.

It is available for Peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands.

This form of delivery is limited to orders of maximum 3 Kg.

For Spain Peninsular the cost will be 3.90 € + iVA for orders less than 75 €

For the Balearic Islands, the following table of prices will apply, being also free the deliveries in those orders that surpass the 75 €

1 Kg: 4.60 € + VAT
2 Kg: 5.10 € + VAT
3 Kg: 5.60 € + VAT



Payments can be made through the PayPal gateway. When the payment is made through PayPal will apply a surcharge in the final price of 3%.


The prices and texts published on the website are subject to variations without prior notice, including technical specifications. It is the customer’s obligation to check the merchandise that is delivered to him. In case of changes by default of the product ANGEL G. PIÑERO will go to remove said product and change it for another one in perfect conditions or refund the amount. ANGEL G. PIÑERO in no case takes charge of the modifications in the format or size that the manufacturer makes in his products.

ANGEL G. PIÑERO will also assume the cost of shipping the new product. The risk of loss or damage to the goods is transmitted to the customer from the moment of delivery to the customer’s home.

ANGEL G. PIÑERO is not liable under any circumstances for the damages caused by the misuse of the merchandise.

The User will be guided in the procedure that must be followed for the conclusion of the contract, as well as for the identification and correction of the data that has been provided for the conclusion of the contract through the forms created for that purpose.

ANGEL G. PIÑERO will not file the electronic document in which each contract is formalized. On the contrary, the User accepts these General Conditions of Contract, which will remain accessible from the Web page.

The contract is formalized in the Spanish language, in accordance with these Conditions.

The User may consult the essential characteristics of each product through its description on the Web page.


You have all the guarantee of ANGEL G. PIÑERO, that will change or refund immediately and automatically any order that is not of your satisfaction.


The access of Users to the portal and the purchase of the products offered through the Website implies the processing of personal data. For ANGEL G. PIÑERO, compliance with the regulations on protection of personal data and services of the information society and electronic commerce is of great importance.

Generally, people who make use of the website do so without having to provide any personal information. However, in order to access the services, the Users, in certain cases, must provide certain personal data. ANGEL G. PIÑERO guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data provided by the Users, as established in the regulations on Protection of Personal Data, and on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce.

ANGEL G. PIÑERO complies with current legislation on data protection, having adopted the necessary administrative and technical procedures to guarantee the security of the personal data we collect.

In this sense, the User is informed and gives his consent for the incorporation of his data to the automated files owned by ANGEL G. PIÑERO, domiciled in Calle Espiritu Santo 13, 11500 El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) duly registered with the General Registry of Protection of Personal Data, and for the automated processing of your data, as a consequence of the consultation, request or contracting of any service, or of any transaction or operation performed, in order to access the information and services provided by ANGEL G. PIÑERO through the website, and where appropriate for the maintenance of the contractual relationship, as well as for the sending of offers or advertising and promotional communications.

The User declares that all the data provided by him are true and correct, and undertakes to communicate to ANGEL G. PIÑERO the changes that occur in them. The User has the right to oppose the processing of any of their data that are not essential for the conclusion of the contract and its use for any purpose other than the maintenance of their contractual relationship.

The privacy policy of ANGEL G. PIÑERO guarantees the User in any case the possibility of exercising their right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their data, notifying ANGEL G. PIÑERO by sending an e-mail to the email address

Likewise, and in compliance with Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, ANGEL G. PIÑERO will exclusively send offers or advertising and promotional communications electronically to your email address or through other means of communication. equivalent electronic communication, to those Users who have expressly granted their consent.

ANGEL G. PIÑERO informs the User that he can unsubscribe from this type of communication, following the instructions that appear at the end of all our emails or communicating it in writing to the email address


a. Obligations of ANGEL G. PIÑERO:

ANGEL G. PIÑERO, undertakes to comply with the following contractual obligations arising from the commercial relationship with the User as a result of contracting the services by the same:

Provide the User with the maximum guarantees, the service requested by him in accordance with the provisions of the contract conditions, without breaching the contractual good faith.

Expressly inform the User of the existence of these conditions prior to the start of the contracting procedure.

Inform the User prior to the hiring and in a concrete, clear, precise and unequivocal manner, of the specific characteristics of the services requested, such as the price of the same and the taxes that are applicable.

To make available to the User a copy of the text of the general conditions.

b. Obligations of the User

For its part, the User agrees to:

Carry out the full compliance with the provisions of these conditions of services provided by ANGEL G. PIÑERO

Complete the registration forms prior to the start of the contracting procedure with accurate and current information.

Properly provide the bank details requested by ANGEL G. PIÑERO

Pay the price of the products purchased, without filing a claim exempts you from this obligation.

c. Rights of the user:

All the information provided to the client will be binding for the offeror in the terms established by current legislation.

Every user has the right to have the goods he acquires be of the category and legal requirements hired or of that quality that is directly proportional to the category of the establishment.


The User undertakes and guarantees to make use of the website in accordance with the provisions set forth in the general conditions of hiring, the provisions of the applicable regulations, as well as those relating to morality and good manners.

By accepting these provisions, the user agrees to use this website and the products made available to him, in the manner and in the manner established therein. Being obliged not to use this website and its products for illicit purposes and / or contrary to the purposes set out in this legal notice, which could be harmful to rights and / or interests of third parties or that in any way may damage this website or prevent their proper functioning or the products that are offered or offered in the future.

Likewise, the User will refrain from obtaining the contents provided on the website through unlawful, fraudulent means, theft or plagiarism, in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Code and the applicable regulations.

ANGEL G. PIÑERO reserves the right not to grant access to the website, without prior notice, to any User that contravenes the provisions of these general conditions of contract.

For its part, the User undertakes not to make illicit use of the contents of the website, or that may be detrimental to ANGEL G. PIÑERO Therefore, the User will abstain on a non-restrictive basis, to modify, copy, distribute, publish, assign and / or sell any information or appearance concerning the web owned by ANGEL G. PIÑERO

a. Cookies and safe environment

You can consult our Cookies Policy here.

ANGEL G. PIÑERO, through the website, uses state-of-the-art technology to guarantee the protection of information. ANGEL G. PIÑERO guarantees that the contracting of the products is carried out in a safe environment.

b. Hyperlinks

ANGEL G. PIÑERO is not responsible for the web pages linked to it, so it is not responsible for its contents. The risks derived from the consultation of such web pages correspond exclusively to the users, who shall be governed by the terms, conditions and legal notices thereof, of which ANGEL G. PIÑERO is not responsible.

c. Intellectual and Industrial Property

© ANGEL G. PIÑERO owns the rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property of the elements that make up the design of the web, such as the brand, trade name or distinctive sign. In particular and not limited to, are protected by copyright, logos, color combinations, the selection and form of presentation, the source code of the website, menus, navigation buttons, HTML code, Java applets, texts, images, graphics, as well as any other content of the web page owned by ANGEL G. PIÑERO

The User agrees to respect the intellectual and industrial property rights of the website; for this reason, the User will refrain from copying, reproducing, distributing, making available or publicly communicating the content of the web, without the express written authorization of ANGEL G. PIÑERO

d. Limitation of liability

The User expressly exonerates ANGEL G. PIÑERO from any liability for direct and indirect damages arising from any errors on the web, as well as for the eventual interruption, suspension, delay or anomaly in access to it.

ANGEL G. PIÑERO undertakes to take the utmost care to preserve the website from any viruses, trojans and other elements that could damage or damage the User’s or third party’s computer system. In any case, the User exempts ANGEL G. PIÑERO from any liability for direct or indirect damages caused by the possible existence of such harmful or malicious elements.


The period of validity of these conditions will be the time they remain published on the website and will be applied to the services acquired at the time such conditions were available.

In any case, ANGEL G. PIÑERO reserves the right to modify them unilaterally, without affecting the services contracted by users prior to the modification, except in those cases in which the user has changed or modified the contracted service, in which case the conditions in force at the time of the change and / or modification will apply.


If during the 14 days following the reception of the order the customer wishes to return the product, our Customer Service Department will take the necessary steps to process the return under the following conditions:

The products must be returned in their original packaging and condition. The client will have 14 business days from the reception of the order to terminate the contract.
Defective or deteriorated products. If the customer detects that the product received is defective or damaged, you should contact the Customer Service Department within 14 working days after receiving the order, where the necessary steps will be taken to replace it with a new one in perfect been and without any additional charge.
Returns that are originated by errors attributable to this company will be borne by this company if no charge to the customer.
In the case of refunds that originate by mistake or change of opinion of the client, this will assume the shipping costs (although these have been free of charge, for purchases over € 60), as well as the expenses that originate the return.
In the case of returns originated as a result of modification of the format or image of the product by the manufacturer, the customer will assume the shipping costs (although these are free aa free, for purchases over € 60), as well as the expenses originate the return. Well, this company does not take care of this type of modifications.
If the product is not available, the company will proceed to return the amount that the customer has paid, including shipping costs, according to the form of payment used in the purchase.


Cancellations will be accepted in orders that have not been sent to the customer indicated by the customer. If the merchandise has been sent, it will be considered a return (See the Returns section).

The company accepts the cancellation of orders, either through its website or through any of the means of access to the Customer Service Department.


If any clause included in these conditions is declared totally or partially null or ineffective, such nullity will affect only that provision or the part of it that is null or ineffective, remaining in all other conditions.


In the case of litigation, the contracting parties submit to the courts and tribunals of Cadiz with express waiver of any other jurisdiction that may correspond, assuming the party that breaches the contract the judicial and extrajudicial expenses arising from the claim including expenses of lawyers, solicitors, etc.