For two whole hours, a concert took place this morning at the CentroCentro, Palacio de Cibeles, as part of the International Contemporary Music Festival of Madrid COMA’20. Long, meaty and very varied in terms of musical styles and ideas. Works by Bernardino Cerrato, Ángel G. Piñero, Jorge de Carlos, Abraham González Ponce, Jorge M. González, Daniel Casado, Roberto Mosquera and Fernando Lázaro, although in a different order from that which appeared in the announced program. Some of them for quartet, others for guitar and quartet, and others for solo guitar. The most deserving and dedicated artists were guitarists Elena Ortega and José Antonio García Fuertes, and the Chagall Quartet, consisting of Cristina Pascual Godoy (violin), Ninogan Pabic (violin), Abel Nafee (viola) and Jorge Gil García (cello). Another COMA concert in which the audience fulfilled the authorized capacity and followed its development with great interest and attention. For this reason, we must once again thank the Association of Composers of Madrid for their efforts and dedication in moving the Festival forward, which is particularly commendable in this difficult year.