A new concert on Andalusia Day with several works by Angel G. Piñero, and the participation of great artists such as Luca Romanelli, Italian guitarist, the Joven Camerata de Jerez, under the direction of José Calomé, and also the soloists Odile, Cristobal G Babiaud, Hector Teja. Angel G. Piñero has had a very close relationship with the town of Espera, with the creation of the Andalusian Youth Contest and various concerts in this beautiful town. Angel thanked Espera for his welcome with the composition and dedication of his work for guitar and orchestra „Canto a la Serranía“ evoking the Serranía de Cádiz. They also played „Brisas de Cádiz“ and Viento de la Vida.

Presentation of the tribute concert to Angel G. Piñero en Espera in the celebration of Andalusia Day 2023.